About Time Poor Mum

A bit about me

I'm a wife and mum of three, I have wonderful friends, work as an accountant, try to take an active part in school and community life, and have a large extended family; all of these things keep me busy in a fantastic way. I love being busy, but at the same time I struggle to keep on top of lots of the things that I want to (note to self, it's World Book Day next week. Need to sort out costumes - arghhh). I want to do the best by my children, be a thoughtful friend, get my tax return in on time, turn in some decent cakes at the class cake sale, come up with the perfect present for my godson's Christening and organise a memorable 70th birthday party for my dad. Over the years, I've spent so many hours (usually somewhere between 10pm and 1am) researching perfect presents, lovely holiday spots, easy cake recipes, healthier alternatives to Haribos, and so much more. I'm sure that there must be lots of others out there like me, and so I thought those others may like to benefit from my scouring!

Time Poor Mum is really just handing over my book of ideas and contacts to possibly save others in my position some of the time that they don't really have to spare. Everyone wants to do things well, but all too often it's not the will or the thought that is missing, just the time to put those into action. I hope TimePoorMum can help in some way.