Decorated candle gifts

An easy, lovely little gift to present to family and friends

I was recently charged with coming up with gift ideas for the school Christmas Fair, which the children could make on the 'craft stall'. My experience of these has always been of cheap plastic tat and throw-away paper masks and the like, so I was determined to make something a bit more long-lasting and practical as a Christmas gift you can actually imagine giving to granny...

I ordered voiles and candles online which worked out at well under £1 for both combined. I experimented with various paints. Traditional glass paints take forever to dry, which was never going to work for a fair, or with my impatient children at home. In the end we used a combination of Decor Pens from The Range for details and acrylic paints (which you can pick up widely including The Range, Hobbycraft, WHSmiths, etc) to do finger prints and larger areas. I think the results were really good, but judge for yourselves!


Published: Jun 1, 2017

Author: Time Poor Mum