Doodle: Arrange a date with your group... easily!

A simple way of organising group meet-ups

So for a few years, I've been using for scheduling events. It's essentially an easy way to find a date and time that work best for a group of people. I thought everyone had heard about it by now, but when I went to a meeting tonight at the school, and they were wanting to arrange group drinks for everyone at a time that suited the most people, I was able to score brownie points with my "Doodle it" suggestion.

To use the Doodle Scheduling App:

- Go to the website
- name your event
- enter your suggested days and times in the poll
- send the poll to your recipients
- the recipients each enter their availability on the dates/times you've suggested
- Doodle tots up which is the most popular date/time amongst the group

It's really simple and makes organising a date transparent and clear for the whole group rather than backwards and forwards with emails/texts where you quickly lose the overview. is thoroughly recommended


Published: Jun 1, 2017

Author: Time Poor Mum